“I have genuinely gained an inner peace and calmness which was exactly what I was seeking. I would say this course has been completely life changing for me.” - MBSR participant

“Without being entirely aware of how, I have noticed my mindset has changed in so many ways - very refreshing, very helpful and so worth the effort of attending the 8 week course.” - MBSR participant

“My relationships have improved because I am calmer and less reactive. I feel better able to make choices about how I respond and therefore am more in control.” - MBSR participant

“I have gained such a lot from this course. I have learned how to be kinder to myself and how to cope with pain. I have had a chronic pain condition for a long time and have finally found a way to live with it and recover from it.” - MBSR participant

“I have gained an understanding of how my mind works, and that it is not always in my best interests. It generates a lot of worry and stress for me that have held me back from fully enjoying and participating in life. I have learnt a means to take back control!” - MBSR participant

“It has been a very great pleasure to meet colleagues on this level - a better glimpse of our humanity within our work clothes.” - MBSR participant

“I have been sleeping better and I have fingernails for the first time in years! I will miss the Friday sessions a lot. Thank you!” - MBSR participant

"Nicole has been an inspiration. She is a skilful and knowledgeable practitioner. Her own commitment to mindfulness shines through and supports and encourages. She has encouraged even the most sceptical to trust the practice in a warm and empowering way. I hope many other professionals have the opportunity to experience this." - MBSR participant

"The teacher Nicole has been amazing. So calm and a great role model but also lives in the real world and realises life can be a challenge. The sessions are fun, reflective and she has allowed me to learn a lot about myself. Thank you." - Deputy Head, .b Foundations participant

"Nicole obviously 'walks' her talk - something to aspire towards." - MBSR participant

"Nicole knows her subject inside out and is totally committed to the use of mindfulness in her own life so she speaks from experience. It was pleasing to hear the odd snippet about how she was before mindfulness was in her life. She also offered great tips on how to establish useful practices. Oh… and she should copyright her voice! The good humour with which this course has been laced has certainly helped me engage with it." - MBSR participant

"The teacher was excellent; authentic, patient, focused, inclusive, calm - at the same time maintaining the pace of the sessions and ensuring that we had every opportunity to benefit from the course." - Learning Partnership Manager, .b Foundations participant

"Nicole has an intuitive sense about managing groups. She presents in a calm, focused, professional manner with a great deal of warmth and personal integrity. She has steered us through each week clearly, non-judgementally and skilfully - encouraging us between sessions with her weekly bulletin - I always felt that she was ‘keeping us in mind’." - MBSR participant

"The tutor was excellent in every way - a very good role model, encouraging and gently challenging, an excellent group facilitation. She generated a feeling of trust, warmth, collaboration and this was evident in the way the group developed and bonded. I am full of admiration at the range of knowledge, skill in managing the group, attention to detail, encouragement and absolutely approachability of the trainer." - MBSR participant

A beautifully written piece by a participant from one of my courses:
Mindful social work: ‘I was really empathising, not just planning my well-versed response’