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A retreat is an opportunity to take a step back from our usual daily life, with all the responsibilities and busyness that it can bring, and to develop our mindfulness practice with the support of a group of fellow practitioners. Many people say that retreats can be a restful, energising and illuminating experience. Crucially they can provide a deeper, fuller experience of mindfulness that we can then bring back with us to our daily lives.

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Mindfulness & Compassion Retreat, February 2018

Mindfulness & Compassion Retreat, February 2018

Mindfulness Secular Meditation Weekend Retreats London UK
Earlier this month I attended a mindfulness and compassion retreat, facilitated by Nicole and Cesare. What a fine decision that turned out to be and one I would make again, in a heartbeat. They held the space for this profound and sometimes challenging practice with warmth, empathy, humour and clearly with much knowledge and experience.

The venue was exquisite and nurturing, as was the food that was prepared for us and whilst it’s not easy to encapsulate fully the richness of the experience, I left with a sense that my practice had been renewed and more deeply embedded; I felt grounded, yet lighter, refreshed, energised and simply, happy. Thank you both. I felt in very safe and skilled hands and am really looking forward to your next retreat.
— Retreatant

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